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Real Estate Classes for Continuing Education Credit authored and taught by Charles Porter, PhD:


"Mediate, Arbitrate, Litigate" Best Education Program in the state, 2005 - 4-hours

"Water Rights for Texas Agents" Best Ethics Education Program in the state, 2009 - 4-hours

"Farm and Ranch for Agents" 4-hours, 7-hours, 8-hours updated annually since 2003

"Water Rights of Texas Agents" 4-hours and 8-hours updated annually since 2005

"Water Rights for Commercial Agents" 2-hours updated annually since 2022

"Introduction to Water Rights" - 2-hours updated annually since 2022

"WOTUS and the Duties of License Holders in Texas" - 2-hours new for 2023

"Advanced Water Rights for Agents" - 8- hours updated annually since 2018 (with Jason Hill, Attorney-at-Law)

"Advanced Farm and Ranch for Agents: The Eight Essential Skills" - 8-hours new for 2023 (with Jason Hill, Attorney-at-Law)

The Advanced Water Rights for Agents and Advanced Farm and Ranch for Agents are also approved for Appraiser Continuing Education in Texas 

Dr. Porter is certified to teach continuing education by Texas Realtors, the Austin Board of Realtors, and the Texas Alliance of Land Brokers


Other classes:

Ethics and Legal Updates from 2003- 2018

National Association of Realtors Ethics course from 2003-2014

For Continuing Education Credit for Attorneys - "How to Estimate Sales Prices for Commercial Properties" for the Texas Attorney General's Right-of-Way Division, 2009 - 1-hour



As an Adjunct Professor at St.Edward's University I teach:


Global Challenges: Water Issues (CULF 3331) (author)

Capstone (CULF 4346)

Spanish Roots in Texas History (A-HIST 4346) (author)

The Spiritual Conquest of Mexico (HIST 2399) (author)

Southwest Borderlands: The Mission Era (HIST 2399) (author)

American Experience (CULF 1320)

American Dilemmas (CULF 2321)

United States History I (HIST 1301)

United States History I and II (A-HIST 1301 and A-HIST 1302)